MAR | 2022
Student's Interview to Andrea Foffi - Second Part
A young Belgian student, Mr. Mathieu Bogaert who is graduating from the MSc in International Luxury Marketing at Oxford Brookes Business School, interviewed Andrea Foffi about the world of Vintage.
We publish the second part of this very interesting interview:

10.    Were record-braking sales, such as the Rolex Daytona Unicorn, Patek Philippe J.B. Champion, Eric Clapton’s’ Patek Phillipe Ref. 2499/100 and most importantly Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6239, an important factor for the growth of interest in the vintage watch market?

Surely because they are news that go beyond the restricted world of insiders and attract "New" enthusiasts.

11.    Are rarity and exclusivity the most important factors of a good vintage watch, or are there more aspects to it?

In my opinion, the most important thing for a vintage watch is the quality of the object and its originality in all its parts.

11.1.    What makes a good vintage watch in your opinion?

As I have already said, the quality and originality of the watch is fundamental but then every collector has his own taste and passion. In addition to speedmasters, I love the 1950s diver's watches.

12.    Focusing on the less expensive vintage watches (< €10.000). Brands such as Movado, Longines, Universal Geneve, Wittnauer, Gerald Genta, … are also experiencing a significant increase in value. What are your thoughts on the reason behind this?

I think that in the next few years the market will continue to grow because the people who are approaching the collection of watches is constantly increasing. The most famous brands have reached astronomical figures and therefore the "new" collectors are moving towards less famous brands but equally interesting.

13.    Are there still undervalued vintage watches in the market, or has everything been discovered?

Surely there are Vintage brands and models that are underestimated and that will certainly become interesting in the coming years.

13.1.    Which brands or models have the ability to become interesting in the upcoming years?

At the moment the market is oriented towards limited editions and small independent brands and unique pieces. I am convinced that there are still underrated brands that have produced very interesting watches: Aquastar, Enicar, Favre Leuba, Lemania, Tisso, Triton. I have named only a few brands that I know a little better but I am sure that any enthusiast with his experience and sensitivity will be able to find other interesting brands or models. The key thing is to buy something that can convey a feeling.

14.    Which vintage watch sparks your interest the most right now, and why?

At the moment I am particularly focused on the Omega Speedmaster for obvious reasons but the brand that stimulates me the most is Gerald Genta, (complications on audemars piguet and vacheron constantin) Cartier

15.    Is there still a vintage watch out there that can break or come close to the price record of the $17.753 million Paul Newman Daytona?

I don't know when and with which watch but this record will surely be broken

16.    What does the future hold for the vintage watch market?

The biggest revolution that the world of Vintage watches will soon see will be that of NFTs

16.1.    In which way will NFTs be introduced to the vintage watch world, and what will this mean for/affect in the watch world?

We have a project on NFTs that could influence the world of Vintage Watches in the future. Unfortunately at the moment it is still in the planning phase and therefore I prefer not to reveal it ... maybe we will be able to work together in the future on the development of this project.


Mathieu Bogaert

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