All the watches offered on the website www.vwcweb.com are scrupulously checked in their state and in their originality before being offered for sale. This pre-sale watch verification process guarantees the customer a safe and transparent purchase of a defect-free product that complies with its characteristics and peculiarities.

The Vintage Watches and Cars by Andrea Foffi offers the customer a 12 months warranty on every purchase made; this guarantee, which we call "VWCWEB: COM GUARANTEE", exclusively covers any mechanical damage that the watch can manifest.

VWCWEB: COM GUARANTEE does not operate in the following cases:
- physical damage to the watch such as damage to the glass, case or bracelet, tampering with third parties;
- damage caused by improper use of the watch, its neglect or if the watch itself has been subjected to interventions by technicians and/or laboratories and/or service centers without having previously agreed on the intervention.

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