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PETROS PROTOPAPAS, "Head of Brand Heritage at Omega": interview

PETROS PROTOPAPAS, “Head of Brand Heritage at Omega” gave an interesting interview for the volume “Magister A Unique Andrea Foffi speedmaster Selection”.

THE FIRST QUESTION IS FIXED: can you tell us about the birth of the Speedmaster in an “official” manner?


In the mid-20th century, after the end of World War II, the world was experƒiencing a huge revival of science, exploration and sport. It was a time of change and of a great positive spirit that culminated in the first Olympic Games after the war and the birth of Omega’s first dedicated line of watches: the Seamaster.

Following-up on the huge success of the Seamaster, Omega was determined to meet the requirements of all the dedicated professionals in those industries, and therefore began work on a “Professional Line” of watches that could offer some innovative features. After many years of experiments and lengthy development, this resulted in the famous “Omega Trilogy” in 1957, including the first Seamaster 300 for professional divers, the Railmaster for those working in magnetic environments, and the Speedmaster for all people requiring a sturdy and highly accurate chronograph on their wrist. The watch, aptly named after its most important job (to “master the speed”), equally targeted car enthusiasts and racing car drivers. Upon its release, the Speedmaster CK2915 changed the face of the chronograph and introduced a number of pioneering features, including the first timepiece with its tachymeter scale on the bezel. Robust and reliable, it has since gone from the racetrack to a legendary status on Earth and beyond.

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