SEP | 2021

MAGISTER is the synthesis of an evolution. Our aim is describing the horologe that embodies the turbulent path of contemporary chronography. From simple timepieces to soughtafter

objects of desire, from expensive purchase to profitable investment, the Omega Speedmaster is the leading character of MAGISTER.

And that is how we have to look at it: we do not hunt for specific functions but we discover the slow and uninterrupted movement of a story. A watch that outlines the change of designs and technologies, in a steady search for a thrill.

The Speedmaster confirms its personality by carrying a powerful strength that conveys the Omega style: the essence of its fame. In MAGISTER we have underlined its charm and peculiarity.

We did not want to list all the versions and variations made over the years but a selection of the most emblematic, rare and exceptional Speedmasters: those who have never spoken and models that have always hidden.

An assortment that bears the signature of Andrea Foffi and it is recounted by the journalist Paolo Gobbi and the photographer Fabio Santinelli.

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Paolo Gobbi

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